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What role does the subconscious mind play in determining success? | The Father of Success
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What role does the subconscious mind play in determining success?







Success, a word perceived to the pinnacle of one’s achievement, ain’t that how you are supposed to define it?  Well, success doesn’t come by as easy as it spells. It has a series of networks that starts right from our thought process.  The thought process involves the creation of an idea that can be your blueprint to work on. With constant effort and workings, you reach the podium of success.

Let me question you something, ‘where does this creation of idea occur?’ You might have guessed it right. It occurs from our mind. Need some insight on how human minds or shall we say conscience, functions on success front? Follow the trail.

1.An intro on human minds- The conscious and subconscious nature

Iceberg Conscious Mind FIXED (1)


  • As the picture relates, human minds can be best defined by an iceberg. Almost 90% of our mind is acquainted with subconscious nature while the rest 10% is made up of the conscious part. Let dwell deep on this one. Shall we?


  • The conscious mind is the one where you are aware of the present scenario you’re in. It can be best exemplified by breathing function or the senses where you relate to the nature of the surroundings. The conscious mind doesn’t hold any memory and can only store one thought or idea at a moment. It’s generally identified with incoming information. Remember the multiple times when you have to take a split-second decision based on your instincts, that the working trait of conscious mind for you.


  • On the other hand, the subconscious mind is the integral part of our life that stores away information like the ilk of volumes of an encyclopedia. A subconscious mind processes faster than a computer. Take that for a fact. Need another one. Subconscious mind thinks at the rate of more than 1000 words while the human can conjure up only 200 to 300 words while speaking.

We’ll look to garner much more on the part of subconscious mind down below. Read on.


2. The traits of Subconscious mind

  • The subconscious mind is a constantly active voluntarily working, mean machine inside our body. It is a precursor to the problems and solves most of them with ease.  Subconscious mind influences one’s traits to behave positively and strengthens the character of the person. It manifests the right belief and ideas to propel a person in their workings and functionality. It’s the basis how life would feature down the line.


  • The subconscious mind is at the foundation of stemming different ideas and perspective to look upon.Subconscious mind guides our emotion and reactions or shall we say outbursts as perceived in some cases. It eliminates the negative thought procedures. It’s here, where the habits of a mankind evict from. You learn to keep track of our output and behavior which holds you in steady line to garner much more achievement.


  • Ever caught yourself off-guard having a conversation with your mind. Well, that’s quite a trait of the subconscious mind. Don’t you think of yourself as delusional? It’s a highly triggered effective ‘alpha-level’ where your conscious and subconscious states correlate and you end up having a suggestions and affirmations within yourself.


3. Subconscious mind is at the hub of success



  • Let me start off by comparing successful and unsuccessful people. However, one’s definition of success might be different to the other. But let me speak off as a whole. Successful people devote their time to creating new ideas and tricks to achieve greater deeds while unsuccessful people nag behind thinking about their lacking. Successful people gratify their time by generating more from their subconscious mind than others.


  • Do you ever think of why mental fortitude is topmost priority for elite athletes? They end up mentally visualizing their success time and again apart from their physical training to let their subconscious mind program itself for success leaps. The trait has been around for ages. One cannot perceive success without having their subconscious mind working full-fletch and effectively.


  • Subconscious mind holds the key to unlocking greater levels of productivity in a person. It allows a person to dream of success, to yearn for the success. And as we all know it all starts off with a dream. A dream visualized with the subconscious mind is the start of the prolonged success.


  • Think it off with an example. Remember how we sow the seeds and caress it time and again so as to achieve the endowment of harvest. The same principle works here. Plant and sow your subconscious mind with the habits and beliefs, trickle it time and again to improve the efficiency and you can have a mind functioning fully towards reaping success profoundly.


4. Few key tricks to achieve success through conscious mind


  • Success stems right from a subconscious mind. A subconscious mind allows for dreams and ideas to flourish upon. This dream or the idea needs to start from you. You can’t pluck away the dream from the thin air. It’s the reason why some achieve greater goods by efficiently banking on their dreams and ideas while some back off from it.


  • The working of subconscious mind controls the output and productivity in a person. It can be the difference maker in the efficiency ratios of persons alike. Everyone has their own subconscious mind where they visualize their own empire. The subconscious levels maintain the perspective of someone towards the outer world. It also keeps a tab on mental recuperations of a person.


However, it’s not all dull and gloomy for the ones who think their subconscious can’t dream of big things. Developing your subconscious mind is an ongoing procedure that runs throughout your life. We’ll here list out the insider tricks of the trades, as to how a successful person programs their subconscious minds.


  • The first step would be to visualize your definition of success. Don’t shy away from it. All you need is to think graciously what you’d want as a success. Dream of it. However back off from the generally common visions. You don’t want to limit your success cordon, do you?


  • Write down your goals in precise and clear terms to get a vague idea of your ambitions. Your goals should be the one that reflects your want for success.


  • Affirm yourself on your success dreams and idea on a constant basis. It would be wise to do it on a daily basis, so you don’t lose count of your track.


  • Maintain your mental and physical fitness through meditation and regular exercises to keep your health on the right course to achieve success.


  • Many of you won’t agree with this, but here’s the one I find quite irresistible. Fake your success in your vision till you achieve it. Let me walk you through an example of it. Everyone knows Jim Carrey, don’t they? Back in 1990 when he was a struggling actor trying to make his ends meet, he wrote a $10 million check for himself adding a tagline of ‘acting services rendered’. He kept that check in his wallet for seven long years when he finally achieved his dream of earning big bucks. Didn’t he fake his success, back then? Yes, he was. But it’s a part of your yearn for success. Always dream big if you want to achieve big in life.





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