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The Father of Success | The Father of Success
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Author Archives: The Father of Success


How to plan for success- ‘The strategic Way’



The course of life often dictates our perception of success. Isn’t success as a word fluid and flexible enough? Oh, yes, it is. It’s an ongoing stint for those who see success as it, for others, it might be the sense of achievement.

The likeability of success is rooted on the adversary of milestones. There’re enough milestones to clock for out there. That’s the way success has been. The yearn for success is ingrained in us right throughout our human existence. Success is simply the will to achieve the grandeur vision of life.

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How to Transmute Sexual Energy

It was a while back that we touched upon the topic or ‘Correlation between sex and success’. Well continuing the series ahead, we explore the avenue of transmuting sexual energy into productive forms of energy in our post today.  Let’s follow the trail. You coming with me?


Decoding Sex and Sex Desire


Rather than going with the genetic terms, our talk will be based on reproductive terms and the physical intimacy for today.

Sex has been a necessary ubiquity for human race growth and reproduction. It’s the driving force allowing a human being the essence of creation. In fact ‘Maslow’s Need Hierarchy’ has termed sexual activity as a basic need of life where the put forth view was that fulfillment of basic needs is the stepping stone for success in other facets of life.

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Correlation between Sex and success


Yeah, you pretty much read the title right. It’s what we’re casting our sights on for today. We’re here to profile how sex and success are correlated to each other and believe me, the stats showed very high positive association among them.

So without further ado, shall we move onto the post?


A preface to sex

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Correlation between Success, Wealth and Riches




Growing up over the years we’ve all been well adverse on the likeability of success. Never has there been set a foot without yearning for success and achievement. The human race for long has been making strides to achieve far greater things than that on offer.

The childhood imagination is painted with the figments of how succeeding in life can provide the wealth and riches that are only ever dreamt of. There’s been a long-standing debacle of how success leads to wealth and riches along the way. People associate achieving the wealth and the glitters of the world as a tipping point for success while some may opt for a far more reasonable meagre.

You may get intrigued as to why we’re talking about success, wealth and riches in the same breath. It’s because we’re going to unearth the hidden linkage between success, wealth and riches in our blog today.  We’ll look to get ourselves acquainted with the correlation that exists between these three terminologies. Read along then.

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Emotional Intelligence and how it can help or sabotage you!




Intellectuality and intelligence levels have been a great precursor to human development. With the keen knowledge seeking nature of human conscience firmly at the helm, humans went on a run of growth and development as never seen before.


Remember the stone-age histories that were often taught about in our schools. Imagine the growth curve that allowed humans from stone-age to reach for the stars in the modern day scenario. Surely, it took time, but the human conscience and intelligence were breed within us. It showcases how intelligence played its part in our advancement.


If one were to deduce intelligence further, they would surely extract different aspects of it. One such aspect is emotional intelligence. And that’s what we’re going to decipher in our post today. Read along to know how emotional intelligence can be you friend or foe.

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What role does the subconscious mind play in determining success?






Success, a word perceived to the pinnacle of one’s achievement, ain’t that how you are supposed to define it?  Well, success doesn’t come by as easy as it spells. It has a series of networks that starts right from our thought process.  The thought process involves the creation of an idea that can be your blueprint to work on. With constant effort and workings, you reach the podium of success.

Let me question you something, ‘where does this creation of idea occur?’ You might have guessed it right. It occurs from our mind. Need some insight on how human minds or shall we say conscience, functions on success front? Follow the trail.

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