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Get a Clearer Vision – Entrepreneur | The Father of Success
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Interviews Mentoring

Get a Clearer Vision – Entrepreneur



Asking for advice has to be one of the hardest things that we can possibly do.

Especially if it is from a stranger.
We do this because they do not know our habits and our past, so strangers seem to judge us solely on character and what it appears to be. Thats why it feel realer than when your mother tells you, you need an attitude change.

It is difficult trying to look outside ourselves to view ourselves. Thats because we see things with our minds instead of how things really are.

The Father of Success is about stretching yourself and asking questions that can change your paradigm.
I conducted an interview with Anthony Armini, and asked a lot of personal question to do just that.

SO, to be clear, this has to be my most honest and vulnerable state.

I am opening up by asking questions and in the process I am showing my ignorance, troubles, fears, motivations and a couple other things I normally wouldn’t share; but for the sake of progress and expanding myself I MUST!

Above is the video: Watch it to find out how you can get a clearer vision for your life!

I remember when I use to spend all my time trying to research answers to the questions I would think of, I would spend hours trying to search the web and get a relatively unsatisfying answer. It wasn’t until I started
to approach people who had the success that I wanted, that my progress started to grow through the roof.

You can learn more in one hour talking to a professional, than you could get from reading Ten books.


I read everyday. Although it doesn’t compare to the knowledge you get from an actual person. The same advice that is in  book can be giving by someone that has put it into practice and you will get SO MUCH MORE VALUE out of it. You can tell by their body language how they feel, by their tone of voice, they can even tell you how impactful it was emotionally to go through the process, but most importantly – how it feel to accomplish it and if it was worth it.

So listen to what I am telling you, love what you do, do what you love.

This Video will show you how!


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