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3 Important Things You Need to QUIT to Become Successful | The Father of Success
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3 Important Things You Need to QUIT to Become Successful




Quit Procrastinating

Delaying or procrastinating only means two things: (1) You don’t know where to start and (2) doing them is against your will – probably someone is just forcing you to do it. Remember that most of the opportunities only come once.


Quit Stopping

Imagine yourself in a running marathon.

The gun goes off: “Fantastic! Today is gonna be the best record! I know I can make it.”

Mile 5: “Yep I’m still okay!”

Mile 10: “Ouch my feet hurts! Can I quit now?”

Mile 15: “Where’s the freaking finish line? I’m tired!!!!!”

Finish line: “Wow…That. Was. Awesome. When’s the next one?”

If you feel like quitting, don’t. Always ask yourself why you started it, then push yourself towards your goal. You’ll never know what will happen on the next day. Or worse, you’ll never know what it feels like to reach the finish line (your success).


Quit Saying No

How many times are you going to turn your back to the opportunities that has been given to you?

It is important to know on the things you’re saying no to and what you’re trading for it. You might find yourself saying yes to things you don’t even care about and no to things that could make your life better in so many ways.


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