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How to plan for success- ‘The strategic Way’ | The Father of Success
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How to plan for success- ‘The strategic Way’




The course of life often dictates our perception of success. Isn’t success as a word fluid and flexible enough? Oh, yes, it is. It’s an ongoing stint for those who see success as it, for others, it might be the sense of achievement.

The likeability of success is rooted on the adversary of milestones. There’re enough milestones to clock for out there. That’s the way success has been. The yearn for success is ingrained in us right throughout our human existence. Success is simply the will to achieve the grandeur vision of life.

In amidst of all these visionary clichés of success, the planning behind it often goes unnoticed. Don’t you think planning is an erstwhile element of success? Nothing would epitomize the need for planning better than Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail!”

With the need for planning must-have in the recipe for success, we thought of prepping a blog on how you should plan to succeed. Go on, have a peek.


What’s planning for success?

Simply put, planning is the way we set up direction or a guideline for our system. It’s how we envision our activities en route to achieving something. The progress towards meaningful goals takes its toll in the planning and implementation procedure.

There’s no strict reasoning as to how one should plan for it. You can opt out for any effective strategic plans on offer, or go through a route 1-direct ways or may even look out for any out of the box trick. You’re the master of your own destiny. Nobody knows the scenario you’re in, better than you. It’s all up to your conscience to think of the best effective plan for your success down the lane.

However, a little hindsight may help you out. We shall profile the strategic plan regime for success in the follow-up.


The Need for Strategic Way



There have been instances where the advice for proper planning is covered with the thought of just plain old nitpicks. Often the norm of a simple planning is said to be enough to achieve any success, at least that’s what thrown around in the air.

The same old looking for motivational points, finding your inspirational clue, following up a routine schedule are termed as the best and up worthy planning tricks one should use.Well, these might help you conquer a bit, but winning a mere battle in a war won’t suffice.

Success is in itself a winning of the war, where a strategic way should be implied upon for heaved success. The plain old tricks of trade may work out on the small battlefront but it won’t wage the war in your lap. That sheds light as to why a strategic plan is a vital ingredient of long-term success.

We shall integrate the strategic way of planning for success down below. Go on, follow the trail.


The Strategic Way of Planning


Looking at the bigger picture

  1. Overseeing the future
  • Let’s lean back a while and understand the context of planning in success. The academic put forth view approves planning as a great tool that can carry out the whole application with the utmost ease.
  • Planning creates a process where every input results in a carefully coordinated outcome. It’s how the systems been running for years with great effectiveness.
  • To simply put, with proper planning we can oversee the future outcomes. It’s often said that the great and successful people saw the future in advance. That’s one hindsight of strategic planning.


  1. Working backwards on the system
  • Overseeing the future outcome in advance allows us to work backwards through the strategic plan. Rather than going for inputs with a hope for best of results, strategic planning allows an individual to identify the required process for effective results.
  • Such pre-identification of required process would mean that one can look for fitting inputs and achieve their goal at a better efficiency.



The following comprehensive chart shall resolve the matters on the strategic way of planning.





Guideline to Successful Strategic Planning


A prime common failure is the non-implementation of the plans. Often we end up with a collective grin of unfulfillment on our part. Much focus is spread around at writing up a planning regime which isn’t actually acted upon with the same fanfare as to when it was written down.
With time, they end up being a part of our top shelf where dust becomes their only company. Not an end we envisioned.

Well here’s a few steps that can be undergone for successful implementation of plans.


  1. Be Accountable
  • Often the sense of responsibility makes the plan work out smoothly. The accountability traits allow for the better grasp at the goals set forth.
  • Put your foot down on the gas and let your authority ride on your plan.


  1. Evaluate the Planning Procedure
  • During the course of implementation of a plan, one should look to assess the milestones and objectives. One thing to keep track is the realism of the objectives. Should the priority order be changed for the objectives set forth?
  • There’s always room for improvement. As such we should look at the ways as to how we could have done the planning process a tad better than before. Be sure to note in down and look for future interference.


  1. Note any Deviations in the enactment of plan
  • There’s no strict regime which mentions you cannot deviate from your originally set strategy. Often strategies are a mere guideline than a set of rules to be acted strictly upon.
  • You can levitate a few adjustments into your plan if any deviations are noticed.


  1. Acknowledge your achievements
  • Implementing a plan is often tiresome, to say the least. It does really take a toll on the person. However, one doesn’t need to be so cynical about the few hurdles faced in between the route to success.
  • The emphasis to quickly achieve the set goals and create new milestones gives birth to a never ending the cycle of not getting to celebrate your accomplishments.
  • You need to acknowledge your achievements. A joyous sense of accomplishing something might prove a spring in your step for further success.





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