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Billion Dollar Dream | The Father of Success
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Billion Dollar Dream


Sometimes I find myself thinking about success so much that I get stressed out. My goal in life is easy: to become a Billionaire.

You may be thinking to yourself, “why is that your goal and how are you planning on achieving that?”

Well my friend, let me begin, this guy – Tony Robbins said to me: “have a dream so big that it seems impossible to reach. The day you reach your dream, you will realize that nothing is impossible.”

So I say to myself everyday, “I am a Billionaire.”

I try to formulate ideas on how to accumulate that amount of money. I started my own business, and blog, youtube channel, figured out how to buy direct from overseas companies thinking to myself that these things will bring me money.

I thought, well maybe if I try to help a lot of people slowly but surely I will gain wealth.

But this shit is hard as fuck! This is my blog I can write what I want. I am just being honest. The time consumption is ridiculous – I mean where do I start?

I just feel the need to vent because holding these thoughts in will make my balls explode if I don’t let them out.

I don’t have anyone who I consider to be super successful around me, and if they are somewhat successful – they are full of opinions about everything I do.

“Do this, no, do that. Try this, try that.”

Do you remember Pinky and the Brain? Im like Brain, always formulating. But something always happens, then, it’s back to the drawing board.

I decided that I am going to stick to this dream of mine till I die and that I will succeed!

You’ve heard before that the will-of-man gets tired and eventually you will self-sabotage yourself. Well, my will is being worked out every waking and sleeping hours of the time.

I am either going to get accustomed to this exercise of the will to go hard everyday or I will die from it. There is no alternative.

Succeed or Die.

You can see how that maybe a stressful thought to have all the time. It’s almost normal though.

It use to be so much easier when I just use to watch rap videos and smoke back-to-back blunts of weed, pop on an instrumental and just rap. I’d be chilling like a villain with all my homies.

But now that I decided to change my ways, I’ve lost all my friends, girlfriends, I don’t drink or smoke, and basically gave up anything that doesn’t revolve around that Billion Dollar Dream.

I am fucking board out of my mind special since no one is physically there to help me do anything. Except Clark, I hired Clark from India to manage my youtube and videos. He’s awesome.

Besides him helping me, well, I have no one else. I’d like to work with more people. People with a similar dream.

A dream of a better life. A dream of mansions and luxury cars. A dream of flying over the Atlantic ocean in a private jet. A dream of being rich!

It be cool to have people around who much me towards that goal, who can see the vision I am trying to sketch out. Because I know if I had people like that around me, I’ll be shoving them to the top.

I also want to be heard, I know you do too!
I know you want that Dream life just as bad as I do, but probably don’t know anyone who wants it like you do. I am here writing this to let you know – like a burning house smoke signal “HERE I AM”, so lets help each other so we can help ourselves.

Trust me, I want it all baby! So lets go out at get it!

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  • Jaz Rod Jan 25,2016 at 9:05 pm

    Do you share a similar dream?

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