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4 Tough Decisions You Have to Make Before Getting Rich | The Father of Success
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4 Tough Decisions You Have to Make Before Getting Rich




We all make permanent decisions in our daily lives. Some are not so big of a deal – i.e. thinking of what to wear today, what to eat, where to go, etc. But some are sort of tough decisions – i.e. choosing your dream school, what course should you get, what kind of job are you going to apply for, and many more.

But in terms of getting rich, what are the following decisions you need to make in order to succeed? Here are the 4 steps:

Step one: Decide to Be Rich
You might say “I just want enough money to pay the rent. With my current job, I don’t think I have an ability to afford any other things” or “I just want to have decent clothes, that’s all”, then it really tells what kind of person you are – pessimistic. How could you be rich if you keep telling yourself that you can’t?

Step two: Start Small, Dream Big
Let’s say you have $800 in your savings account. Do you think it would grow if you’d just opt to buy that new arrival LV bag? Obviously not. Start up a small business that you are familiar with.


Step three: Choose Your Colleagues and Business Partners Wisely

More often, rich people get richer because they spend time with other rich people or people who have the same goals as theirs.


Step Four: Get Bigger and Bigger!
I just want to share this meaningful quote that might change your viewpoint in life: “The bigger asset you build, the less work you’ll have and the more money you make.” Focus on the assets you build. Oftentimes, individuals who dream small, think small, and work small, work the hardest and are paid the least. So obviously it’s not the hard work that matters most. It’s your ASSETS.


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