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How to Transmute Sexual Energy | The Father of Success
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How to Transmute Sexual Energy


It was a while back that we touched upon the topic or ‘Correlation between sex and success’. Well continuing the series ahead, we explore the avenue of transmuting sexual energy into productive forms of energy in our post today.  Let’s follow the trail. You coming with me?


Decoding Sex and Sex Desire


Rather than going with the genetic terms, our talk will be based on reproductive terms and the physical intimacy for today.

Sex has been a necessary ubiquity for human race growth and reproduction. It’s the driving force allowing a human being the essence of creation. In fact ‘Maslow’s Need Hierarchy’ has termed sexual activity as a basic need of life where the put forth view was that fulfillment of basic needs is the stepping stone for success in other facets of life.

Sexual desire or simply the sex desire is the motivational desire or interest to indulge in sexual activities. Sexual desire is often typified as the emotion or the ecstasy. But digging deep what we unearth is that sexual desire is an unquenchable urge that’s hard wired physiologically and emotionally. The amplified tension aroused by the sexual desire is what makes a person crave for some action or fantasy.


A look at the working of the human mind may allow us a bigger picture of how sex and sexual desire is harnessed within.


Inside the Human Brain


The human subconscious nature makes up for an erstwhile read. We can’t escape what’s pre-programmed within our brains.

Scientific studies show that the development of individual genome starts even before the birth of the offspring. It’s these genomes that affect the genetic influences occurring in the body.  Our brain is wired to show emotions and desires which are triggered through rerouted urge.

We often associate these desires to be a case of human behavior enigma, but believe me, there’s more to the fact than what’s seen with the eyes. The build-up of desires which enables the trigger for urge is practically inextricable with the sexuality.  Psychoanalytic theories suggest that all other forms of desires and urge is related to the sexual energy or the libido as it is often termed.

It clearly showcases that the urge of sexual endeavor is the strongest needs of human life. Every emotional seeking and state is an arousal of primary desire trigger, the primary desire trigger being sexual energy.


Let’s seek more into the sexual energy and its transmutation.


Lifting the lid on Sexual energy and Sexual energy Transmutation


Sexual energy is often termed as the life energy as it is what drives the impulse to garner intellectual and emotional realm.  There’s a great deal of time spent on seeking the quench for the thirst generated by sexual arousal and energy.

Sexual energy is one of the powerful tools for achievement, advancement, creativity and creation. The aggression to seek the ultimate reward is in itself an act of libido. The hunger for sex is what has allowed us to garner such advances in human history.

You may question on the how’s and the why’s? It’s because the motivation to achieve something is greater than any imperative ever involved. The conservation of sexual energy or channeling of it has the ability to lay claims into productive outings.


Here’s something for you to indulge on. It’s a cover by Patchen Barss on his book ‘The Erotic Engine’

  • From cave painting to photography to the internet, pornography has always been the cutting edge in adopting and exploiting new developments in mass communication. And in so doing, it has helped to promote and propel those developments in ways that are rarely acknowledged. Without pornography, the internet would not have grown so quickly.
  • The e-commerce payment systems that are now commonplace would be at far more primitive stage security and usability. Without video streaming software developed for pornography sites, CNN would be struggling to deliver new clips. Without advertising from sex sites, Google could not have afforded YouTube.’


There’s no denying the fact that sexual energy is the pinnacle of human urgency and it allows for far greater achievement than one can ever imagine it to be. However, it all rests on the positive harnessing of it. It’s where sexual energy transmutation comes into play.

Sexual energy transmutation is the process of channeling this physical aggression into some creative force or reckoning. It’s the way how we rewire our subconscious nature to propel our libido urgencies into something more akin to the fuel for success and achievement.


Here’s a whole segment dedicated to sexual energy transmutation coming up.  See you down there.

Core importance of sexual energy transmutation


To state the facts, we’re sexual beings. We have the urge to indulge into the sexual fondness and playing. Nobody’s exempt from it.

However not giving into this routine magnetism of desires can be an effective option if you’re looking for greener pastures in your life. We’re not dissipating the fact to abstain from the sexual acts itself. We’re provoking the idea of over-indulgence in it.

This is what Napoleon Hill in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ writes about indulgence, ‘This orgy of indulgence may account for the shortage of great leaders. No man can avail himself of the forces of his creative imagination, while dissipating them.’

The libido or the sexual energy functions on the testosterone levels. If the testosterone levels are low, then the urgency to excel is almost out of the equation. It’s basically why you need to harness your sexual energy and transmute it so as to keep your animal drive on the right track. You get more aware of the stimuli which can inspire you.


You’d definitely need guidance on how to transmute your sexual energy, don’t you? Off you go, down below, then.

Guiding steps for sexual energy transmutation


Here’s what you should take care of for better harnessing of your sexual energy.


  • Don’t indiscriminately indulge in sexual favors
  • Nobody’s asking you to live a sexless life. You can indulge in sexual favors. They’re key to better life satisfaction. In fact, sex and orgasms can propel your energy bars to the highest possible extent. That way you can counter bigger challenges with ease in life.
  • However, don’t indiscriminately indulge in sex. Seeking actions for every Friday night isn’t how you harness your sexual energy.


  • Know the difference between ejaculation and orgasm
  • You need to know the difference between ejaculation and orgasm. Orgasm is a good kin to have, however, wasting your seed over some uncanny deeds is not the right way forward. To state simply, stop masturbating.
  • The replenishment of the seed is what drains all the energy from the body. Keeping your seed can enhance your desire magnetism high up in the curve.


  • Visualize to redirect your sexual energy
  • Here’s something you can do. You can consciously visualize your sexual prodigy into fuel for productive outings.
  • There’s potent synergy in a human body that can be tapped into procreative attention. It helps to transform the sexual urge into the creative


  • Get someone who cares about your need
  • It’s not just in sexual terms. There’s more seeking to life than quantifying sexual needs. Get someone who can take care of all your desires and needs.
  • Too much of unfocused sexual energy can blur the purpose or the direction of life. It’s why one needs support and love from the other half. It will allow you to focus more on the goals on hand.
  • It’s how the quote ‘Behind every great Man is a great Woman’ came into existence.


After having a crack at the guiding steps, here’re a few action steps that you may want to try on.

Action Plan or Game-plan for sexual energy transmutation

  • Abstain from Masturbation for a set time-frame. See the changes for yourself.
  • Prioritize your productivity and achievement.
  • Have a non-judgmental attribute and seek natural sensation to the feelings.
  • Permit yourself to indulge in sexual favors once in a while.


Sexual energy is a fuel for the human concourse. We can never neglect the fact that the urgency of our libido is what propels us to great achievements in life. What we wanted to bring into light was how one can channel their sexual desire and enhance their animal drive for adventurous and successful endeavors.

With that, we’re signing off the post. Think of any essence you can add on, lay your thoughts in the comments below.


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