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Success Strategies for Anger | The Father of Success
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Success Strategies for Anger


Personally, I only speak on what has helped me. I use to never experience what success felt like. Most of the time I looked for strategies that would help me relieve my anger. I was mad at the world. I blamed everyone but myself for the outcomes of my life.

I can see the difference between how I use to think and now. When we are young, we have not experienced enough life or have throughly thought about the essence of life. When you begin to think that life is a random sequence of unpredictable actions – well, you begin to feel hopeless. When you begin to feel hopeless, you begin to gain, unknowingly a failure-mentality. When you begin to acquire a failure-mentality, you can never and will never find success.

If you begin to think you can never acquire success, you will begin to experience anger.

Why? Because you will start to feel that everything is outside of your control – that means that your parents, teachers, politicians, your dog is responsible for your success. I added ‘your dog’ just to make you get a sense of how stupid the idea is that everyone else is responsible for your success.

It takes a certain kind of person to try to reason through all the clouds of thoughts. A person must begin to realize that they are the center of their own world. No matter where you are at this moment, look around you, you are at the center of it all. If you take a step forward, you are at the center of it all. You are responsible for your success.

I, however, understand how difficult it is to try to figure all this out without any outside inspiration. Without any guidance or direction, so I have put together what has helped me out the most.

Success Strategies for Anger: 3 Tips

Words of Success: The words we think, say and hear other people speak have a tremendous impact on our emotions and outcomes. Think positive thoughts – the type of thoughts that reinforce what it is that you are trying to acquire or achieve. Speak and think only words of success.

 Emotion Healing: Acknowledging emotional pain and burdens are the first practices of a strong character. Most people avoid the metal pain of conjuring up negative emotions. But if you can, in your mind summon the demons that are troubling you and think through why they are there, they will disappear like darkness in a lit room.

• Subconscious Mind: Almost every part of you is subconscious. You do not have to focus on making sure that the blood in your veins are running or your that you beat your heart. You do no have to think about breathing all the time, you just breath. If you want o make real progress, long term progress, you must impress on your conscious mind what you want your subconscious mind to do automatically. If you want to be courages, conscious act out courageous acts until you automatically leap and do the courageous act without thinking.

So many people have told me that you can change how you feel in an instant or in time. From my experience, if I’ve felt anger for 2 months, I think it is irrational to try and cure my anger in a 5 minute sitting of digging in my own mind.

I have however meditated in thought for an hour at a time and noticed that I have fought the battle so well, that I have changed my mind simply because I made a Decision.

One More ‘ Success Strategies for Anger ‘: Bonus Tip

Get A Muse: I have personally experienced how beautiful it is to have a muse, and how she inspires me.
So get yourself a muse. A muse will not only challenge the way you think and revolutionize the way you think, but they will relax your mind forcing you to listen instead of getting lost in your own mind. There is a calm that come to us when we listen to a person that inspires us, don’t miss out on this. Get a muse.


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